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Sense of Quality: Perfectionism

As Sampa Automotive, we have been following the ISO/TS 16949 Technical Specifications and its requirements for many years, so it would be customer-orientated and as a result we have been applying the Product implementation processes. Especially depending on the foundation such as APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC ve MSA, and related with the 8D methodology, this enables us to provide solutions to the root problems caused.

Moreover, thanks to the labratories apart from these Product implementation procedures, ISO / EN 17025 is used in procedural phases such as the approval of Product implementations, procurement of raw materials and possession of the finished Product in our warehouse. In parallel with this procedure, we examine our products in our labratories with our trusted ISO / EN 17025 certification in compliance with national and international standards and guarantee the Product quality.

ISO 14001 Environment Management Quality System Certificate enables us to support our philosophy to protect the World with our responsibility and social projects. We act sensibly towards prohibited materials for a better environment to live in.

We have adopted the ISO 18001 standards for Occupational Health and Safety in order to keep the sustainability of the organisation, and take the required precautions in order to prevent any accidents that may occur. We manage this procedure along with Occupational Safety and Emloyees’ Health Specialists and Environment Experts. These procedures are examined every year by the independent auditing firms, TÜV Austria and URS and we successfully operate in accordance with these Quality Management Systems Certifications.



With our sense of perfectionism,

It is our quality policy to:

·       Appropriately carry our mission out,

·       Reach the required perfectionism with our vision,

·       Support our colleagues with continuous education and to ensure that they are well equipped in order to reach a sense of quality.

·       Provide satisfaction beyond the expection of our customers and suppliers with a social awareness and to be responsible for our actions towards society.


After Sales Services

Warranty Disclaimer Requirements

Aim: It aims to explain warranty disclaimer requirements of each Product sold to our customers incorporated by SAMPA S A.

Scope:It covers the facilities and services for the production and sales of each product within the scope of After Sales warranty.

Liability:Quality Management Directorate, Sales, Marketing & Brand Directorate

Enforcement:The table pertaining to the Product groups not covered by SAMPA are indicated in Attachment – 1. The warranty of the Product is valid for 12 months starting from the invoice date.

The reclamations with the expiry duration of more than 12 months will not be covered within the warranty terms. The assessment of the complaints which are yet to expire will be evaluated by After Sales Services Department.

The products defected due to the delivery will need to be notified within latest 3 months after the delivery of the Product. Otherwise the faulty products will not be covered within the scope of warranty.

When the delivery arrives to customer, the customer shall check whether the packaging of the goods have been damaged and if there are any damages, they should take a photo and write down a report. The pictures and the statements should be delivered to us via email message.

There are a rare cases where the complaint cannot be finalised even when a thoroughly completed customer complaint form, photos, service failure and technical report are communicated to us. Extra information for the faulty product and one of the faulty products may be required for us to review. Or these items may be returned upon our decision. Customer shall keep the producs until the decision. Otherwise the products will not be evaluated within the scope of warranty.

Complaints of errors caused by the assembly of the SAMPA Product or operators assembling the Product will not be covered within the scope of warranty.

Complaints of errors caused by the assembly of an unauthorised service and faulty operation as a result will not be covered within the scope of warranty.

Information or pictures apart from the ones required in the Customer Complaint Form may be required. The required information shall be provided to us within 30 working days. Otherwise the products will not be covered under warranty.

Any improvements or changes made to the product without our consent or approval of Sampa Automotive and the payments will not be taken under consideration, the products will not be accepted for return and they will be invoiced to you.

In case of a rejection of the complaint, return of the product will not be accepted. In line with this rejection, if the Product is reclaimed, all the shipment and customs costs will be covered by the customer.

If the customer returns the faulty products without the consent and approval of SAMPA Automotive, the products will not be accepted at the delivery or cargo, and the items will be returned back to the customer. Our company will not be liable for delivery and cargo costs.

Products defected due to the erroneous and/or inaccurate maintenance, and misuse failures are not evaluated within the scope of warranty.

These conditions are stated hereunder:


The products, which have malfunctioned due to erroneous and / or improper maintenance, and improper lubrication, cannot be considered under warranty. The breakdown of these conditions are:

·       Conditions which have occurred due to the working or natural runout conditions, deformations,

·       Conditions which have occurred with the effects of natural and environmental factors (extreme heat, cold weather, etc ...)

·       Conditions such as faulty installation, erroneous adjustments, improper maintenance/service.

·       The materials which are required for product study and improper oil.


Handling of the spare parts cannot be guaranted under the conditions of:

·       Using spare parts outside the work area/place, especially modifying them partially or               completely in different vehicles other than commercial vehicle products, improper                     vehicles outside business sector;

·       Degradation/deformation of original structure of the spare part 

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Continues with a Stop in Malaysia!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Automotive was at Automechanica Istanbul with its brand new image.

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) has announced the top 1000 exporting companies.

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