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Our Values and Principles

Not a follower, but a Leader!

Our Cloud of Values:

  • Leadership : Our principle is to be a leader in all we do, not a follower.
  • Distinctness: Our investments reflect on our efforts to differentiate and individuate Sampa Automotive
  • Employees: We work along with coworkers who have adopted the Sampa Automotive corporate culture and who collaborate in harmony, which provides a more comfortable and enthusiastic business life for all of us.
  • Trust : Our values guide us to respect all our customers and stakeholders, and to establish mutual trust with all of them. We also fully trust each other’s goodwill and skills in our work environment.
  • Competition: We always aim to achieve the best in all we do. The most important factor which drives our competitiveness is our innovative, future oriented structure.
  • Honesty : Honesty adopted at Sampa Automotive is based on trust we establish. We adopt honesty as a principle towards our colleagues, customers and all other stakeholders and we strongly believe that this is the best way to create such a successful work environment.
  • Loyalty: We, as SAMPA Automotive, pay utmost attention to value individual success of our colleagues and to remunerate accordingly.
  • Law: We pursue business within the limits of the law and in a law-abiding manner.
  • Kindness: In the relations with our colleagues and stakeholders we always strive for mutual goodwill. This effort is feeding our expectations of trust, loyalty, honesty both inside the company and the enterprises with which we cooperate.
  • Society : Our business has been operating with its recruitment, the work we do, investment and philosophy since the establishment of the company by protecting the social benefits .
  • Global: Along with our efforts to be always innovative and distinctive we also observe the outer world. We do our best in order to meet the requirements of a global enterprise by increasing each year the number of countries we export and by providing the highest quality service

Our Cloud of Principles:

  • We have respect for individuals and competitors
  • Honesty is primarily important in our commercial activities
  • Novelty and innovation highly represent our success
  • We give importance to auditing and reporting
  • We do not separate the company and employees’ benefits from each other
  • We closely follow up the global events and developments
  • Our primary goal is to be the best in what we do.
  • We are integrated in the community.


Combination of our aims, visions, values and principles reflect on our corporate culture.


We care about our Environment

By protecting the environment, by using the natural resources rationally and efficiently and by preventing the pollution, we have created our environmental policy in order to leave a cleaner and habitable environment for the future generations. Sampa develops its business and contributes to nature by strictly following these principles. As Sampa Automotive:

  • We conform to all current applicable legislation concerning environment,
  • We make research and necessary improvements to provide the recycling of materials and natural resources.
  • We use the technology which has no dangerous effects on the environment.
  • All the waste resulting from the manufacturing process is released to the environment
Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Continues with a Stop in Malaysia!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Automotive was at Automechanica Istanbul with its brand new image.

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) has announced the top 1000 exporting companies.

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