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Today’s Rising Star, Tomorrow’s Industry Leader!


SAMPA Automotive Inc, founded in 1994, supplies spare parts for many heavy duty vehicles, trailers and buses as a manufacturing company that Turkish Automotive sector takes pride in.



SAMPA, having its headquarter in Samsun, has an 80.000 m2 integrated factory campus at the Industrial Zone in the city of Samsun, Turkey. SAMPA has offices, warehouses and collaborations in many different places all around the world (namely, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, South Africa, United States of America). As of the end of 2014, Sampa has achieved 94 million USD with its exportation to 116 countries, and reached an annual sales of over 20 thousand tonnes of products.


Sampa grows each year at a rate of 30-35% because SAMPA continues raising its share in all local markets each year and has competitive advantages. SAMPA has four massive attributes that differentiate from other players in the industry. These differences constitute a definite competitive edge in global markets:

Attributes that differentiate SAMPA from its competitors:


1)    Variety of products (more than 30.000 items) in its portfolio, a high availability of products thanks to the high rate storage and warehouses in different locations, and sufficient deliveries.


2)    The fact that it manufactures most of the products in its portfolio, which means it specialises in many products at an advanced level, and achieves dominance over quality thanks to its manufacturer identity.


3)    The fact that it manufactures most of the products in its portfolio at its integrated factory campus with the latest technology and has an advantage of price competition worldwide thanks to its large scale production.


4)    The ability to continously make better product designs and manufacture them  thanks to its 3000 m2 R&D and Test centre  with an investment of 10 million USD,



Extending the life cycle of many products with new patents and with its determination of moving ahead of OEM quality, having the best substructure in the  automotive aftermarket sector in terms of product development and examinations. 

SAMPA, manufacturing, procuring and selling in global markets, serves with a wide range of products for 18 different product groups in heavy duty vehicles (trucks, trailers, buses), including, but not limited to, engines, air springs, and cabin electric systems.

15 thousand 358 products out of its wide range, composed of 30.000 items, are manufactured in a machine park having 3300 machines with the latest technology. Furthermore, there are thousands of supplier collaborations for more than 14 thousand products. 

Innovations, product development and patent research studies is now up and running in its 3.000 m2 R&D Centre.

SAMPA has the biggest R&D Centre in the region with its 74 R&D staff, engineers, and  high-tech laboratories.

SAMPA itself promises to achieve one-thousandth of export target of Turkey in 2023. Sampa takes firm steps towards being a world leader in the heavy duty aftermarket sector in 2025.


Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Continues with a Stop in Malaysia!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Automotive was at Automechanica Istanbul with its brand new image.

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) has announced the top 1000 exporting companies.

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