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Job Description


  • Collaborate with internal team and relevant suppliers to execute all planned events and communications all around the world
  • Ensure consistent, effective, branded marketing aligned to Hayward brand guidelines
  • Work with Manager of Marketing to develop and execute international marketing strategy and develop relevant marketing campaigns to fulfill the goals of the marketing plan
  • Interfaces with global industry and consulting practice (digital/function/technology) marketing leads to identify industry-relevant content and messages
  • Coordinates events ( Sampa World Tour and HomeTown) including managing the invitation process, tracking client RSVPs, managing email campaign, reception and hospitality.
  • Work with in-house brand team to prepare appropriate community support advertisements, invitations, and other print items for world tour
  • Create PowerPoint/Key Note presentations and marketing materials for meetings with current and prospective clients, including creating slide shows, making copies, distributing materials, and updating presentations as directed.
  • Partner with the warehouse to maintain and ensure availability of a complete collection of marketing materials and supplies for the clients and business partners
  • Works independently and with other department and organization staff in planning and executing external communications programs world wide
  • Assists branch offices with the creation and implementation of advertising initiatives and media plans world wide
  • Ensures that locally-developed creative marketing materials undergo brand review and adhere to strict brand guideline



  • Bachelor#s Degree in business administration, public relations, communications or related field, or significant experience to offset degree in another discipline
  • 3-5 years of public relations, marketing communication experience, including tactical and strategic responsibilities
  • Proven communications skills with a demonstrated ability to research, analyze, plan and execute effectively and with impact
  • Outstanding ability to communicate ideas and concepts clearly and concisely
  • Passionate about live entertainment and relish marketing
  • Strong collaborator who can effectively work across entire organization
  • Proactive planner who can manage budgets, timelines & foresee needs ahead
  • Solid knowledge and skills with related applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, content management systems, social media platforms, etc.
  • Experience with layout and design programs (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.) is also preferred, but not required
  • Working knowledge of graphic design and print processes
  • Self-motivated; ability to work independently
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • This job requires driving for company business as an essential function of the job. Possession of a valid driver#s license is required.
  • Position requires 20% overnight travel to attend trade shows or other events
  • Prior experience in a corporate environment or public relations and/or advertising agency environment is preferred, but not required
  • Completed military service for male candidates
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Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Continues with a Stop in Malaysia!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Automotive was at Automechanica Istanbul with its brand new image.

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) has announced the top 1000 exporting companies.

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